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Let us help you, We at star18guardians can help you to connect with your Guardians/Angels through forms of Vedic Science. Unblock your blocked energies/chakras and seek guidance.

Fortune telling is like the GPS of our times. It nowhere states what you cannot do, only guides you towards your destination, easily and smoothly. There are many circumstances, questions, confusions that you may be stuck with, whether it is:

Search for your Soulmate/Love Chakra Readings

Where, how, when to find your soulmate. When would you tie the knot.
If you already dating someone and would like to know what the person thinks/feels about you, and what you are thinking/feeling about him/her, and the outcome of this relationship.

Career / Health Queries
Any questions regarding health or career, can be answered through Ancient Kabbalists & Indian  wisdom. Just open your heart, and seek guidance.

Kundali / Horoscope Matchmaking

Get your and your partners horoscopes matched. Know the health of a marriage now or in future. Let your Spirit Guides openly answer your doubts. Be guided.

Spiritual Guidance

You are certainly a special soul if you are already going through a phase of your spiritual seeking. Be blessed, and stay focussed on your path. Know your future.

Choose from wide range of vedic forms that can lead to your solution:-

Intuitive Tarot Readings
Face Readings
Vedic Astrology
Zodiac Readings

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